Guessing game: What would E-P3 look like?

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Guessing game: What would E-P3 look like?

Well, spec-wise, the E-PL2 tops the EP-2 in many ways, match shutter speed, accessories (remote release), better LCDs, more art filter, iso6400, etc etc. It fills up what E-PL1 has left off. Few things still left off, such as, orientation sensor, top command wheel, and maybe built material....

That certainly not enough to justify price difference. Thus, I guess that Oly will announce E-P3 very soon. According to the rumor site, there will be another big launch in late Feb/early March. Perfect timing...
So, what do u think it will be? Here's my guess.

(of course this is purely crystal balling!)

1. Body style. Rangefinder or SLR like (GH2 style)? Rangefinder, of course.

2. Built-in EVF, yeah! Fuji X100 style, not same technology for dual OVF/EVF hybrid though. Maybe smaller than VF-2.

3. Pro-grade kit lens! Fast normal zoom with better built but still keep collapsible design. Given the 14-42 II MSC, I think Oly must distinguish the pro line. Hopefully something like 12-60 2.8-4 but I think they will pull for smaller range for smaller size (says 12-50 2.8-4.5 or shorter, I hope they start with 12mm though) This is the main thing that will distinguish it from PL2 kit. I don't think it will be available separately for a while.

4. No built-in flash: My guess, to keep the size down while retain built-in EVF

5. Same 12MP sensor: I guess Pana won't give the new sensor to Oly yet. Guessing by GH2 small stock. Also, Oly don't have time to deal with new sensor yet, given the lens development still falls behind Panny. Also, I think Oly want to keep E-5 as their top dog for a little while.

6. Bigger size, brick style, still smaller than Panny GH/G series but bigger than GF1/E-P2.

Make sense? Share your idea.

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