a580 HDR Mode

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Re: a580 HDR Mode

Kilrah wrote:

No, the bracketing options in the drive menu are the usual 0.3 and 0.7EV.

And yes, note the built-in HDR function is completely unrelated and has either "Auto" or 1,2,3,4,5,6 "EV" choices. It's labeled as EV, but I really don't think it actually relates to something in EV on the output, it seems to depend a lot on the conditions. I can take a shot of my window with frame on 6EV, but the output looks more like taking the standard shot and lifting the shadows maybe 2EV and recovering 1EV on the highlights, but definitely not 6 in total.

no no no kilrah u got it all wrong..its not 6ev each stop its 6ev total ..ie -3 0 and 3 ..combined according to some algorithm...a very good one mostly ...

i myself like to pick the 6ev mostly and then add in PP the colors to it as 6ev gives u a rather flat shot although with a lot more details not attainable with any other camera out there not sony

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