EP-2 or E-PL2?

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Re: EP-2 or E-PL2?

I don't think its about advantages of the epl2 OVER the ep2, I'm just impressed at how thoroughly this "entry level" m43 from Olympus has almost completely caught up with what had been the flagship model. Although the image quality was slightly better due to the weaker AA filter, the epl1 wasn't, imho, nearly as nice a camera to shoot with as the ep2. The lack of dials in favor of nothing but buttons was the biggest culprit. The button layout also had its flaws, primarily the video button resting right under the thumb just begging you to shoot hundreds of unwanted videos by accident. That's still there, but its easily remedied, as it was on the epl1, by assigning a different function (like AFL/AEL) to that button. Some folks also complained about the fastest shutter speed and lack of remote shutter release opportunity and both of those have been addressed in the epl2.

Buying then, I was drawn to the epl1 over the ep2 primarily by price, but the ep2 always seemed like more camera to me. With the epl2, the only advantage I see the ep2 still holding is the second dial on the back of the camera (but most functions can be well addressed with one) and the lack of an orientation sensor, which is a small nuisance at worst. So given a similar price difference, I'd buy the epl2 without a second thought today. Of course the price of the ep2 has dropped a good bit by then. And to me, the great improvements to the epl2 just mean that Oly must have something coming down the pike pretty soon as a new flagship that will be a fairly significant improvement over both of them. And the ep2 will probably start to be phased out. Otherwise, I can't see them building the epl2 so close to the spec of the ep2 and cannibalizing the sales of their flagship camera.

So I like the epl2 but am not in the market for it. But if the next one, en EP3 or whatever, can really improve on things like AF speed, sensor quality, maybe add a built in evf or a swivel rear screen, I might well have to jump on that one.


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