Worth losing my 1DS Mark II for a 7D?

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Worth losing my 1DS Mark II for a 7D?

I love my 1DS Mark II but am wondering if a modern camera like a 7D is worth considering as a replacement? I don't really care for the features like movie recording or even live view but the 7D is close in resolution and quite possibly better at high ISO.

I have found full frame to be less useful than I anticipated. Despite coming from a 35mm beckground I found I had gotten used to crop factor and it's amazing how "short" lenses seeem on a ful frame camera now!

For telephoto long-reach I also have a 4/3rds system including Olympus' amazing 150mm F2 (equivalent to a 300mm F2 brightness-wise on full frame, imagine how big that lens would have to be on a 1DS!)

So at the moment I have 2 systems and am wondering whether a 7D-based system (or possible even 60D) would rationalise the 2 systems and simplify life?

I am not considering a 5D Mark II as the body is still too expensive. The question about the 7D is mainly down to its similar value to my 1DS Mark II body (i.e. I could sell my 1DS Mark II and buy a 7D new).

I am not sure if I should be asking something along the lines of "Does anyone have a 1DS Mark II and a 7D and how do they compare?)

I do love the build and feel of my 1-series body and it is in pristine condition with very low use...

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