"Normal", Prime Lens for Crop Sensor

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I have the Canon 35f2 and it is a fine lens. I use it at f2 indoors, and it works fine outside at large or small apertures. Stopped down (f2.2) it is sharp corner-to-corner. Focus is fast and accurate on my T2i and XS.

Any normal lens design is not going to be sharp in the corners at wide apertures at 1 foot - you need a macro lens for that. Nonetheless, the 35f2 does well close up.

I have other primes - the Canon 85f1.8, Canon 100f2.8 macro, and the Sigma 50f2.8 macro. The Canon 35f2 spends more time on my T2i than the other lenses.

When I had to decide between the Canon 35f2, Sigma 30f1.4, and Canon 28f1.8, my decision was mainly based on focal length and the reviews I read. In the old days shooting film, I often found my Minolta MD 45f2 a bit too wide, and always wanted a slightly narrower field of view. The 28f1.8 gives you the view of a 45 on film, and the Sigma may be most suitable for a camera with microadjust. The reduced cost of the 35f2 made up my mind. I wouldn't consider the 28f2.8 - it may be sharp, but it is too slow. I would just as soon use a zoom at f2.8. I am glad that I got the 35f2..

Incidentally, if anyone tells you that the Canon 100f2.8 is not sharp at f2.8, they have a bad copy. Mine is incredible at any aperture I have used with it.

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