Where my bird feed goes........

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Re: Where my bird feed goes........

One spring, after counting ~ 35 squirrels on my deck, I got serious about discouraging them. I like them, but it was costing too much and they were scaring the birds away. The squirrels are also very destructive.

Squirrels don't like safflower seeds, but birds will eat them once they get used to them. So I switched all the feeders from sunflower seeds to safflower seeds.

I found an old parrot cage, the birds can get in but the squirrels are too large, and put peanuts and other treats in a dish inside the cage. It is fun to watch the squirrels trying to get in.

The last thing, I strung a line from a tall tree to the house. I hang feeders from this line. You have to be careful that the feeder is not too close to some place the squirrel will try to jump from. They are dare devils.

My birds now get sunflower, safflower, peanuts and suet without being harassed by squirrels. I am not heartless, so I have one tray of seed hanging from a tree limb, just for squirrels.

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