NX11 isn't the end of Samsung- Look at Panasonic!

Started Jan 4, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: NX11 isn't the end of Samsung- Look at Panasonic!

I think Samsung has decided to change the casing of the NX10 and continue to sell the same product with some other aesthetic changes without much importance.

The fundamental capital issue in the NX system is the noise sensor compared to other competitive systems. Samsung has sold than expected, neither more nor less. You'll want to get rid of some of its surplus with redesign of the casing of the NX11.

I think Samsung's misstep in this regard because your system does not have NX no machine-oriented professional sector does have Panasonic and soon have other brands such as Olympus and Sony.

The best and most envied of Samsung is its optics to have very good lenses fixed. All of a detail.

The photographic market is very saturated with bayonets and mounts. Many tend to go out because, quite simply, there is room for everyone.

If I had to go for a brand to exit the market no doubt would do so SAMSUNG, although there are machines, in my opinion, worse than those shown with NX system.

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