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Re: GH2 Video Test - B&W Dynamic

Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for taking a look and giving me some feedback. Yes, I actually did have the mike on a stand just like the one you have and the mike was right near the talent, just out of the frame of the shot. It was the worst kind of room for this kind of interview and I couldn't avoid the sound problem. I shoot again next week and I am looking for an alternate location!

I am really happy that the B&W looked good to you. I happen to love that dynamic setting. I used it a lot with the GH1 but this was a first try with the new camera. I will re-post some video after next weeks shoot.



Dan Clark wrote:


I think that's excellent. In this day of total color video, it's very nice to to see how well a B&W video turned out. The sharpness and DR are excellent, IMO.

I hope won't think it rude, but I'd like to offer one suggestion...

While not much, there's a slight bit of echo in the audio. You might consider moving the mic off of the camera to a mic stand so that the mic can be right over the talent. This should boost your audio signal and help with the echo.

The pic below is the mic stand that I use for voiceovers. It will extend about 10 feet vertically and about 6 feet horizontally, so you could keep it out of the shot but close to the talent. Including the pop filter (which you wouldn't need), the stand cost me about $100. Other than cost, the only downside is weight (necessary for extended reach), but the wheels help with moving it around.

There a few more detailed pics in my SmugMug gallery: .



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