minimize shot delay for taking pics of toddler

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Re: The various DSLR and non-DSLR choices

Joe0Bloggs wrote:

The Casio H-series compacts, e.g. FH100, H15, H20G, besides focusing quickly, also have burst modes that capture up to 60 frames of full resolution still images in 1 second.

Do you have a link? Because I've never heard of this - best you can get is 10 frames at full resolution in 1 second. 60 frames per second is always at reduced resolution.

(not that 10fps is bad, it sounds very very good).

Among the non-DSLR system cameras, the Panasonic G series focus the fastest, but mostly not quite on par with the fastest DSLRs. The GH2 is reportedly as fast as a DSLR, though.

Yes, none of the "micro" 4/3rds are as fast as a dslr. In fact, if you believe imaging resources timings, the lx5 is actually faster to autofocus than any of them, and it's a regular compact. (And the lx5 is definitely faster than an s95 - I've tested it side by side in person. Though that's it's autofocus lag, it's shot-to-shot time is still bad). the g12 is not the fastest camera.

A dslr has another advantage - with a prime lens ($100-$300 depending on the model and such), it's the only camera that can reliably take pictures:

  • in typical indoor lighting

  • without flash

  • at decent shutter speeds needed for a possibly-moving subject (1/60).

The compact cameras either just can't do it, or can take the picture but the iso gets pretty high and the image gets pretty noisy or blurry (from noise reduction).

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