Voicing some of my D7000 frustrations.

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Re: Voicing some of my D7000 frustrations.

BradM73 wrote:

Thanks for the reply.

On my laptop, it seems that I can see everything a lot more clearly. On my PC's screen, which is still essentially the same as my laptop screen as it's just an LCD display with an additional layer, my photos pretty much look the same. I got out my 15 year old tube monitor and looked at my pictures with that, and it's not noticable. So I guess it just depends on who you are, what you're using to view the images, and how sensitive your eyes and brain are to color and light levels.

I've taken some more pictures in recent days with much better results, so it may just be my inexperience with this camera, but I think the best comparison to make to voice the concerns I was having is this. When light levels on my D70 approach true black, any noise in the D70 RAW image manifests itself as what I would consider more of a film grain look. So far with the image I posted of the sky and trees, the blackness has more of a blocky, compression-like texture. I would have thought the same thing if I were you, than the blockiness was a direct result of converting the RAW image to JPEG, but that same blockiness is clearly visible in the RAW image too, which is why I needed to post this crap-tastic pictures to get more opinions.

I greatly appreciate all of the positive input from those of you willing to help in a positive manner. The more I use my D7000, the less frustrated I become. This camera is definitely growing on me as I recognize the all of the improvements and other differences from my old D70.

Looking at some of the other pictures in gallery, some of the pictures, like the one of the old barn and corn field, are all I have left of the originals. They were resized to post on a social networking website, but the original RAW files are lost. So that's all I have left of them. Anyway, the blacks in the RAW images taken with my D70, like of the soldiers, etc, show what I would expect. Something akin to film grain. Taking more pictures and experimenting more with my D7000 should only continue to hopefully yield better results.

Thanks again for your input and trying to remain positive with a D7000 idiot like me.

Brad, are you saying the dashboard shot looks okay on your old tube monitor?

Don't worry about the blotchy RAW files you erased. If there is a problem, it should be easy to create more of them. Did you try any of this
or what BinaryEye suggested?

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