Reason to keep LX3 after buying GF1?

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Re: Reason to keep LX3 after buying GF1?

Les Hall wrote:

I just sent back a GF1 and 20mm lens. I haven't been so bored using a camera in years. A 1.7 lens is ok on my 5D but on the m4/3 it added little to an image that was already being shot with maybe the most useless focal length out there. Not quite a standard, not wide-angle just bloody frustrating.

Couldn't agree more about the "standard" lens being boring. For decades my "standard" on 35mm cameras was 28mm. I just can't understand the adulation pouring forth in m43 circles for the 20mm.

The only reason 50mm became the defacto 'standard' lens is probably that it was cheap to make. There's likely a better explanation that involves Leica and German scientists, and I'm sure those that care about these things will comment.

That's not true, actually. The 45-50mm focal length of the standard lens had to do with the diagonal of the 35mm picture area, just as 80mm was the standard for 6x6cm, and 90-105mm was standard for 6x9cm.

That's related to "normal viewing distance" -- how far we are from the print/projection/whatever of the picture when it is presented to us -- and the way we see the world with normal eyesight.

It all makes sense, actually.

Don't waste your money, keep the Lx3 and learn how to shoot up close with that fab little camera. All the brouhaha about bokeh and short of is overrated. Start becoming aware of your background and learn to get close.

See, for me the LX3 is not big enough and not quite small enough. I'm selling my LX3 and moving down to something like a ZR1 or an FX50.

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Ah, Peter Cook! Excellent.

Cheers, geoff

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