LR automatic noise reduction when importing

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Re: LR automatic noise reduction when importing

For a Nikon D300s, ISO 200-6400 in 1/6 stops = 31 presets. ( I didn't do below ISO 200)

It sounds like a lot, but it took me about an hour to create a normal preset and a default import preset for each one.

Ross Dillon wrote:

Jim Hess wrote:

It is not really all that complicated as you imply. The original problem described here can be dealt with by making the default settings ISO-specific. Then, choose an image that was taken at that ISO, make the noise adjustments, and then save the defaults.

When in a dark environment requiring speed (e.g. high school sports in a dark gym) I often shoot in manual mode with shutter speed locked (due to the need to freeze the action) and fixed Aperture (my 85 f/1.4 will open too wide with too shallow of DOF and not be sharp so I will set it at say f/2)) and use auto ISO to get the exposure right. Auto ISO increments much smaller than the dial does.

Bottom line, going through every possible ISO could take a while...
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