LX3 Sensor Dust --Don't Knock It?!

Started Jan 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Drofnad Regular Member • Posts: 440
LX3 Sensor Dust --Don't Knock It?!

Alas, I seem to have managed to get some semi-circle-shaped bit
of something on the LX3 sensor, which shows in 4:3 shots at the
top left part of the pic --along the top, in about the 2nd-from-left
fifth of the 4:3 image (landscape). (I have learned to shoot with
the camera upside-down in some instances, when that hides the mark.)

It occurred to me to try to knock the camera so as to jostle the
whatever off of the sensor. It then occurred to me that I don't
know which way to try this --and could move it towards center!

It doesn't seem to show in 16:9, does in 1:1 (a 4:3 crop), and
I don't use 3:2 much to bother searching for examples ... .

Any ideas on redress?


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