Lightroom/Nikon user? You might want more EXIF info

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Lightroom/Nikon user? You might want more EXIF info

Lightroom user?
Well, you might have noticed that LRv3.3 is a little laking on some Nikon data.

Some was there before (which is strange) , and some is available only in CS (file info).
Personally I would like to see it ALL in Lightroom.

Please show your support for this by posting on the Adobe Lightroom forum. on this LINK:

  • I think you will be pleasently surprised at "how much" Adobe listens to customers of Lightroom. It might just take time. * and be a feature that many want.

(they might have a few things on there plate already lol)

Can we Please get ALL Nikon D700/D3 Exif information?

Some things "was" there before.

Why , Why , Why do we have to go to other programs just to READ this information.

Lightroom "should" do it ALL for us.

  • AF Distance ... really don't care if it is accuate ... just give us a Menu choice to bring it back

  • AF Focus point ... why can only Nikons software show this?

  • Flash information , Nikon Flashes

  • VR information ... On / Off

  • Total Number of Shutters (for the body) ... other free software can read this , LR should imho

I don't think it's too much to ask of the Best RAW program out ... Give us, what is already there , in the EXIF ... ALL of it.


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