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That's funny, reviewer from same site gave good reviews of the P7000 and really just griped about the cost.

Photoradar's "Verdict":

"The Nikon P7000 is small, tough, has a wealth of manual dials and takes great quality pictures. And while the video mode isn't the best, at least it's HD. However, you won't find a Nikon P7000 for less than £450, which is extremely expensive for a compact. If you have a DSLR and want a backup without investing in another interchangeable lens camera, the P7000 is a great choice. We love its performance and image quality. But those looking for a backup body should consider getting another DSLR. It'll cost roughly the same and be compatible with your existing lenses and accessories."

and not sure if this prediction article came out before or after the firmware update. But now they complaining about its operational speed and continuous shooting speed?? They want more MPs and more this and better that from a future model? Whodathunk? They are geniuses!

Whatever it takes to draw traffic I guess...

Vandyu wrote:

From PhotoRadar:

Image quality is excellent, but Nikon’s flagship compact is let down by its poor operational speed and rather feeble continuous shooting performance. If Nikon wants to be taken seriously in the tough high-end compact market it’s going to have to do better than this with the Nikon P8000. Expect the Nikon P8000 specs to boast a higher resolution sensor, an articulated screen and a beefed-up processor. We’d love an electronic viewfinder too, rather than the useless and bulky optical finder of the P7000, but we’d settle for a camera that doesn’t... take... ages... to... do... anything....

2011 Nikon P8000 release date probability: 100%, if Nikon doesn’t want to get laughed out of the playground."

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