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james b norman Senior Member • Posts: 2,136
AVCHD question

most of the newer cameras feature AVCHD or AVCHD Lite for video encoding which offer about twice the video time as Mpeg4. i just bought a ZS7 and have a few questions:

1. the manual says i must use the photofun software to copy the avchd files to my laptop. why cant i use MS explorer - how would that affect the files?

2. my main use for video is recording music performances, where i record the audio separately and sync it up with the video during post processing. will photofun software allow me to remove the original audio from the video file and insert the separately recorded audio tracks?

3. does photofun software allow for any type of video enhancement, such as increase saturation, contrast, etc?

4. does photofun software allow me to save the video file in mp4 or other video formats so they can be burned on regular DVDs and saved on regular CD data discs?

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