More D7000 focus issues, sorry in advance!

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Re: Who cares if its a different sensor or AF system

binary_eye wrote:

Yaamon wrote:

Who care, if the sensor and AF is different, the point is if the op used both the center AF point and focus the exact same way on number 7 and his D40 focuses fine that mean LOGICALLY the D7000 had a problem there is no if's and but's it has a problem.

It's logical only if both cameras work exactly the same. The D40 and D7000 do not because they have different AF modules.

But my main point is that the sensing area of an AF point is generally not perfectly aligned with the AF point overlay in the viewfinder. In other words, the camera may not be focusing where you think it is. For example, if the AF point overlay is misaligned to the bottom of the sensing area, it's possible that an angled-target test will indicate back-focus because the portion of the target in the upper area is further away from the camera. Now, if the test target is angled the opposite direction so that the portion of the target in the lower area is further away from the camera, the test will indicate front-focus. So if AF adjustment is set based on only one of these results, then in situations where a subject is angled in the opposite direction of the test, not only will the AF focus incorrectly, it will be even more incorrect than if the AF adjustment hadn't been made.

That is why I suggested exchange the camera or send it in for service.

I understand your point now. But no matter how new a AF is where you point it is where it should focus is it is aligned properly. This would be using the single gocus point

Who knows maybe when I sent in my D7000 for service they realign the sensors, all I know is that I'm happy with the Af performance.

I understand that as the new AF becomes more sophisticated and complicated there is a need for better quality control.

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