iMac 27" or MacBook + 27" display

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Re: iMac 27

10sj03 wrote:

I want portability for travel and a big screen for use at home. I won't be doing much heavy duty Lightroom processing when travel. I guess a 27" iMac could be my choice since my 13" MacBook is still usable for non photo-processing tasks even though the screen is a bit crammed when multiple windows are opened.

Sounds like you want a laptop that has a lot of built-in screen space (in addition to whatever monitor you attach at home), and aren't really that big on a desktop.

If that's the case, the Macs to look at are the 15" MBP, the 17" MBP, and the 13" MBA (the 13" Air may not be the most powerful Mac notebook, but it has more screen resolution than its 13" MB/MBP siblings).

Of these, I'd say the most practical choice is probably the 15" MBP with one of the custom-order hi-res screen upgrades. More power, features, and screen space than a 13" MBA, and more portability than a 17" MBP (even if, compared to a 13" MBA, it feels like a brick!).

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