First post as a D700 owner...

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Re: First post as a D700 owner...

The focus points track the subject only in 3d mode, unless my rig is off.

shutterslam wrote:

Belpat wrote:

I found the learning curve much steeper than I thought, especially around the AF system.

Let me see if I can help you out.

Focus switch (front):
C - Continuous mode...i.e. shooting moving objects like cars or kids
S - Single servo - focus and lock on the subject
M - Manual... disengage autofocus, focus manually with the focus ring

Focusing Modes (back):
Top most switch position: Auto

  • i.e. let the camera figure out what to focus on

Middle switch position: Dynamic Area AF

  • this mode allows you to preset a number of focus points, and the camera will track the subject as it moves from one focus point to the next (think shooting Nascar). You can choose, 9, 21, 51pts and 51pts with 3D tracking (something coming right at you or away from you)

Bottom position: single focus point

  • line up the focus bracket at what you want to focus on...This is especially useful for very tight depth of field type shots, where you want to focus and recompose (i.e. like focusing on an eye, than recomposing).

How you focus is a bit of a personal journey. Some people love to focus manually, some like to press the shutter button halfway, and some like to remove the AF controls to a completely different button (the AF-ON in case you were wondering). Those controls are on the custom menu a5 - Shutter/AF-ON versus AF-ON Only.

It all depends on how your style develops, but there are pros and cons to using each technique.

For 90% of my shots, I use single point focus and the AF-ON button. I found that using the Shutter/AF-ON mode with single point, every now and again, I'd end up focusing behind the subject because I recomposed, and the AF sensors picked up an object behind the subject I wanted to shoot. That's mostly a technique thing, but it happened enough that I finally decided to move the AF feature to the AF-ON button.

Hope that helps some - enjoy the new camera.


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