Panorama using 7-14mm and 45-200mm

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Re: Panorama using 7-14mm and 45-200mm

Hey Henry, thanks for the tips... Will keep that in mind...

Hen3ry wrote:

Hiya Malim

Tell you what -- you give me your address, and I'll be right around to mug you for that wide-angle zoom! (Lovely zoom range, but the price range is a bit out of my reach. I would settle very happily for an economical fixed focal length 9mm. f4 would do. 52 mm filter size, though. Hello, apanny, are you guys listening? And include OIS.)

BUT I wouldn't use it for panoramas for the very reason your shot of Lake Hume shows up here. In making the image rectilinear, lens have to stretch stuff, and the wider the angle, the wider the stretch, and the more off key the edge elements will be both in size (compared with the middle bits of the same pix) and in orientation (compared with the edge bits of neighboring pix).

It's instructive to make a big blow-up of a wide-angle pic, then to view it from various distances. You find that when you get really close to it, so you see the edges out of the corners of your eyes, the perspective all looks right. But step back, and you get obvious distortion.

You have shot the (controversial) Wang lake with a telephoto focal length. If you were at the minimum of the 45-200, ie. equivalent to 90mm in 135 film), then that's about what I would recommend for panoramas in general -- anywhere from the so-called "normal" lens, roughly the diagonal of the sensor/film, 45-50mm on 135 format, 20-25mm on 4/3rds, up to about twice that. Think of the viewing distances.

Here's panorama of the morning view from my verandah during a recent stint in Port Moresby. About five pix taken at about 70mm (135 equiv), actually using a Kodak P880 in this case (the G1 was yet to come!). About a quarter to a third overlap each time.

I stitched the pix with Double Take which you can download and try at . Recently recommended on the Panny forum was for both Mac and Windows. I'm told Microsoft has a free download of a stitching program that works well -- don't know whether that is Windows only or Mac too. I really do recommend getting stitching software -- so much fun!

Gawd. End preacher mode!

Anyway, great location, nice pix, and marvelous to see both dams full again!

Cheers, geoff

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