Adobe Camera Raw - CS5 - newbie help!

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Re: Adobe Camera Raw - CS5 - newbie help!

NAFAIK, the only other raw converter that can apply the DEVELOP settings done in ACR is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, others like DXO, Capture One and SilkyPix etc will ignore these settings.

I agree with Gale in this respect, DNG has its benefits but making the development work you have done readable by other software is not possible.

Sailor Blue wrote:

Gale Bizet wrote:

I would never convert to dng. That is not an industry standard at this time and may give you problems down the line.

First off, DNG is an industrial standard. What data and where it is stored in a DNG file is fixed by the DNG specifications, so any any program that uses DNG should be able to read or write the data in an identical manor. Any program that can't do this hasn't implemented the DNG specification correctly.

The DNG format was proposed by Adobe for the simple reason that different companies use different RAW formats, and change those from time to time. Twenty years in the future if you will probably have lost the program for your early RAW files and they may become inaccessible.

DNG files will still be accessible twenty years in the future, thus DNG is the best format for archiving files.

Of course the different camera manufacturers want to lock you into using their equipment and programs so using a standard format is not something they want to do.

Always save you raw files !!!!!!!!!

I agree with this, but if you are looking at new software or a change of cameras then you really should do a mass archiving of your image files as DNG files.

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