Pentax could benefit by producing big glass for APS-C

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Until they fix all SDM issues Pentax won't lure many more long time users

Seriously while indeed HoyaTax could use some real quality newer long glass, they really need to start worrying about the number of long time legacy users who have been bitten, or have friends who have been bitten by SDM failures, multiple and repeating in many cases.-

Word of mouth comes from the experienced shooters who want and buy higher end glass. But after several years of angst over SDM failures I am seeing more and more people simply indicating the will not invest into what is supposed to be the pinnacle of glass offered by the brand, even more so in light of the seeming stop in the expansion of the FA Limited line in favor of all new glass being DA and DA* w/o any screw drive AF. While the new DC motor might be solid for the average glass, I doubt it will deliver the sort of performance advance shooters looking to explore new challenges in photography want from a $1000ish lense.

Add to this the very SLOW glass being released by HoyaTax over the past couple years the brand is truly loosing the last bit of lustre the brand possessed once upon a recently as 3-yrs ago.

I am happy with the few lenses I have as they are all limiteds and the slowest being a DA/2.8 but I just won't spend the money asked for all but maybe the 300mm A*, having been through a 50-135 failure and reading again of more SDM issues even after multiple "repairs". I suspect even if HoyaTax came out with a new long lense which was at minimum f/5.6 but with SDM that few would spend on a system they can't fully count on being functional when they need it on a vacation of a lifetime or what have you. This is all supposed to be about the fun of the hobby to get away from life for a while not to be faced with the anxiety over "...will today be the day it's my-turn for an SDM failure...???"

While all brands do indeed have failures, I can't think of any brand where the best lenses present such an, ummmmm, "adventure" and concern for users.


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