Strange Skin tones and hair on G12

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Strange Skin tones and hair on G12

I bought the G12 and Canon EX270 speedlite right before Christmas and took about 70 pictures. Approximately 15% of them had the weirdest skin and hair. They looked like mannequins. All were taken inside. I think that I just shot in Auto or P since I didn't have time to read the manual. The pics that didn't have this effect were fine and I loved the camera. Any ideas about what caused it? I checked the detailed exif date on special software and couldn't find a connection. I miss the camera.

I live in the deep south so if I don't have a view finder, I would need a LCD that is very good. How is the LCD on the S95 in bright sun? I don't know whether to get that camera or try another G12.
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