Best traveling lens combo

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Best traveling lens combo

I am getting a D7000 and need some help in picking the right lens. My main purpose is for international travel. I have the following Nikon lens I am considering. Can you help me to figure out the best combination - why you pick and % of times that the lens used when traveling?

1) 18-200mm
2) 10-24mm
3) 16-85mm
4) 70-300mm or (55-300mm)
5) 35mm/1.8

Minimum lense
A) Nikon 16-85mm (walk around) + 35mm (low light).
B) Nikon 18-200mm (walk round) + 35mm (low light).
C) Tamron 17-55mm/2.8 (walk around and low light)

I wonder how useful is the 70-300mm or the 10-24mm when traveling (if you can tell me the % of use in your travel). I think I will do urban shooting around 70% of the time, but there will be occasions/trips for landscape/museum (10-24mm), and wild life shooting (70-300mm). If I only have the walk around lens, will I miss much?

Like most travelers, I don't want to switch lens unless I have to. What combo would be light weight, less likely to change lens, and yet produce good IQ. I like quality pictures, but also be practical when traveling.

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