The OlympusE-PL2 - the importance of social engagement

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4G LTE would be Innovation,: Wifi not SLOW TOOTH

Blue tooth is slow. Forget video, and forget live streaming altogether. Think more one picture every 30 secs or so, if you are quite near your mobile or laptop

Wifi has been on cameras a while, Z300 springs to mind.

What is the need to have a cable or take out your SD card and plug it in?

Does it make the over 70s feel like they are going into a dark room to process their Degeurrotypes?

Luddites and lagards! You are not the market for the EPL2, give your grand kids their laptop back and stop neigh saying/

Forget facebook old timer.......Think of coming into the house, auto syncing , using a cafe's or staions WIfi hot spot or tethering to your mobile, in your pocket or car, by wifi. Put the coffee on, sit down at the PC and your image files are there and backed up to the x drive.

....oh and think spare battery for your camera BTW.....every silver lining has a cloud.
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