Why I prefer an OVF to EVF in my camera

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Re: That's An Overly Generalized Statement:

amalric wrote:

It is a common occurence to me that people who oppose EVFand/or Mirrorless have no experience whatever of recent models, and therefore speak out from prejudice and fear that their dSLR might be superseded by EVIL

Yes . . . ain't this the truth!

These guys are the same types who will go to a Best Buy to look at a camera and find a dead battery in the display model, then come on here and tell us what a bad product that camera was and how fast the battery must drain in this model!

Oh well . . .

150 posts to this thread, so it is done!

EVF's are the future, no matter how many hardliners will try to hang on to their old cameras features.

It is very amusing how they continue to tell us how we don't seem to understand how old optical viewfinders work and that we must be stupid because we don't follow their same beliefs because we are looking for something better.

Yet they are the ones who are so closed minded to other options available through new technology and cling to old things from the past.

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