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Re: LCD Chews Battery

RaSoFe wrote:
Hi Zach,

The LCD is definitely killing your battery. 1-1.5 hours for 50-75 shots is a LOT of LCD time per shot.

As I said in the other post, I am still learning the camera and playing a lot with settings, checking focus and histogram etc.

You can turn the LCD on for a few hours and take no pictures and drain the battery getting 0 shots per charge

Yes, I can achieve 0 shots per charge, but I would expect the battery to be depleted after at least 3 hours (that's in the specs), not 1,5.

Do you need your LCD on so much? I have mine set for the 30 second auto shut off.

Alas, it does not work for me. It wakes up any time the proxy sensor decides that I am looking into viewfinder, while I am actually wearing the camera on a neck strap.


Yeah, i never noticed that activating the eye sensor turns the LCD back on, that's kind of goofy.

I have my LCD mode set to A* for auto brightness. If you have it on full bright all the time that could burn down the battery quite a bit more as well. I have the auto LCD off set to 30 sec and the auto sleep is then locked to 2 min. I often turn my camera off between shots as it starts up so fast, but just as frequently the 2min sleep timer shuts it off. I do usually use the EVF though and I have no problem getting 500 shots and some video. If you use the LCD all the time I'm sure that would drain a ton more battery. I would suggest turning it off between shots or try using the EVF more. I think you get better shots that way as the camera is much more stable when held up to your head.

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