Photoshop runtime error.

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Re: Additional info

Is that an actual screen shot of your error message.. there is usually anassociated code number with them ..

run time errors can happen for a number of reasons the most common of which are

1) conflicts with a TSR or other running program. close all aother programs and TSR's by end program with task manager. If after closing all TSR's with end program and your issue persitts then make sure there are no programs or utilites are trying to load in the autoexec.bat config.sys that are causing you issue by temporarily renaming the files.

2) a software issue .. if you have all the latest updates then uninstall and reinstall. These issues could also be caused by add-ons or plugins with you software that are not compatible .. have you installed any new plug-ins lately??

3) Computer virus.. these will also gererate run time errors. Is you anti virus software up to date ??

4) and last but notleast and the most expensive reason for run time errors A memory issue/ hardware issue .. usually a sign that yourmother board is about to crap out

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