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I had been using DSLR for the last eight years and fully switched over to the panasonic GH series and micro 4/3 system. I am going to only compare GH2 to the DSLRs I have used, Canon rebel xt, 20D, 7D, Pentax K20D, K7. Compared to all these cameras (I have RAW images at various ISOs from these cameras), the GH2 holds its own in stills (speed and image quality) and absolutely beats the crap out of all these cameras when it comes ease of shooting video using the new 14-42, 14-140 and the 100-300 lenses. In terms of video quality it is slightly sharper than 7D and K7. Having said that you have to look really closely to see the difference, so I would say video quality is probably the same if you are watching it on a 46" screen. In terms of AF speed, low light focussing and noise upto 1600 ISO, I didn't notice any real world difference, AT ALL. The 7D is probably half a stop to stop better at ISOs 3200 and over, again, you will have to crop very closely or print large images to notice a difference. In terms of absolute resolution, the GH2 sensor is very capable. In comparison shots, I used a 50mm macro takumar (one of the sharpest you can get in terms of lenses) on the GH2 and K20D. The GH2 resolves an amazing amount of detail. I will post a couple of images soon. The kit lenses (14-42 and 14-140 and even the 100-300) resolve good detail, but will not compare to L lenses for sheer resolution, but you can't use them to judge the capability of the GH2 sensor. If you put one of the good manual lenses out there, you will find out that it resolves a tremendous amount of detail.

So to summarize, GH2 is just as good for still resolution and shooting upto at least 1600 compared to mid-level / semi-pro APS-C cameras (with a touch more RAW noise past that, but nothing that a little post-processing can't fix) and way better for video. I don't know how much of a difference in resolution and high ISO you would find between GH2 and a camera with full frame sensor. To me the biggest advantage is its portability, even with the 100-300 mm lens attached (200-600mm equivalent in 35mm). I have it with me almost all the time. Like a few people have said in a number of forums, "the best camera is the one you have with you", not the one collecting dust in the closet.

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can't.. I'm just hesitant to jump ship and go all MFTs. Has anyone out there who has abandoned compacts and dSLRs for a GH2 or other MFTs systems regretted it?


I have bought a G2, after using DSLR of the older kind (D50, D70 and D90). I realize that the GH2 is another sensor so maybe its different, BUT I dont think m43 is a replacement for DSLR.

Really, why not? The GH2 belongs to a camera system, which has already enough lenses to represent a focal range, which fulfills almost everybodies photographic needs more than 90%. The speed and finder quality should be ok for most situations as well. IQ isn't that bad in comparison to APSC DSLRs. Therefore a GH2 could replace the DSLR gear for most situations. It is up to you if there are still photographic scenarios which suggest to you that for the moment it is better to still keep the existing DSLR gear, but that does not mean that the GH2 will end up as the de facto DSLR replacement.

Since I switched from Canon gear to m4/3 gear (G1, GH1, and GH2), I haven't used the Canon gear much. On travels it never came with me again, and in daily use, it was almost completely dropped. So, although I still own the Canon gear and still think about getting the successor of the Canon EOS 5D MK II if it ever comes out, m4/3 has de facto replaced APSC in 95% of the cases.

And I think I am not alone with this observation.

However, I do think for professional work and for cases where robustness and performance are the key factors, m4/3 in its current state, is indeed no replacement. Therefore, statements as yours should always have some sort of qualifier.

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