"Normal", Prime Lens for Crop Sensor

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"Normal", Prime Lens for Crop Sensor


I am new to the forums and a new Canon 60D owner. It took about a year of research on DSLR photography and cameras for me to finally spend the money. Now that I have, I'm looking to get another lens or two so I can really get the best possible use out of my camera body.

I bought the 60D with the kit 18-135mm lens. I think it's pretty fantastic for a kit lens but I'm looking for something that will be better in low light. I'm really attracted to the "normal" lens format for walking around type photographs too.

The 50mm lenses from Canon seem great, but I'm concerned about how I will like them on the 1.6x crop sensor. There isn't a camera store anywhere around me that I can rent from, so unless someone can suggest an internet site that offers rentals, I'll be forced to purchase a new lens blindly.

Before purchasing my camera, I'd been heavily leaning toward a Nikon kit, and had begun my research on their lenses. I was attracted to the 35mm DX lens from them to suit this particular want of mine. However, I got a great deal on the 60D and couldn't possibly pass it by. I am extremely happy with the camera.

So I'm curious about suggestions you all can offer. Are those of you shooting the 50mm with a crop sensor happy with them? Are they too "reachy"? Can you offer a suggestion for a lens that would be "normal" with the crop factor? Do you think prime lenses are overrated?

Again, I'm just starting out with DSLR photography and have no prior film photography. I'm not looking for the 50mm focal length because I'm used to it or something - it just seems like a useful lens to have from what I read. Likewise, I'm unable to spend a bundle, but I would lean toward a lens with USM.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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