Voicing some of my D7000 frustrations.

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Voicing some of my D7000 frustrations.

I'm a somewhat regular reader of DPReview, and an extremely rare poster to these forums, but my recent purchase of, and subsequent disappointment with, the Nikon D7000 that I purchased a week ago has kind of put me into a position of wanting to reach out to other photographers in hopes of helping better understand the issues I'm experiencing.

I've shot with a Nikon D70 since they were first released and haven't had these kinds of issues with a camera before. Dropping $1500+ on a D7000 kit, I would expect the camera to meet or exceed the expectations of previous Nikon DSLR's, and should exceed my D70 for sure. I've always been a firm fan of Nikon cameras, but the D7000 is the first one I've ever shot with that has shaken my confidence in Nikon.

After contemplating a D700, a good friend and also a great photographer, recommended the D7000 since I was coming from a D70 and about half of my glass is DX based. I did a lot of research and overall liked what the D7000 was offering, but I also knew about the stuck pixel issue that plagued many D7000 owners. After Nikon released a firmware update to fix that issue, I decided to make the jump on the D7000 based on several exceptional reviews.

Right out of the box, I had issues with stuck pixels. After a day of toying with things, it became obvious that the pixel issue was unresolvable and I decided to go with the firmware upgrade, which seems to have fixed the pixel problem. But one thing I notice constantly is the amount of noise in my photos, at pretty much all ISO's. It's simply terrible when compared to my D70. I shoot a lot of low-light and still life kind of stuff, and it's just a major distraction to see a bunch of grey blocks in the shodows of my pictures. I also am having a lot of focusing problems. Using all modes of the D7000's auto focus, it can't seem to focus properly on anything at all. Everything seems to be just slightly off-focus. Pictures tend to look okay at 21.8% in Nikon View, but when I view the images at 100%, then the focus issues REALLY pop out, as does the noise.

I've had the D7000 for a week now, and honestly, I'm becoming more and more disappointed every day. I was out trying to do some tests yesterday and doing basic point and shoot stuff, and also some more controlled stills. In every image, if I zoom into the dark spots on my computer, I can clearly see a LOT of blocky compression noise which look like blocks and squares of varying degrees of blacks and greys. And this is ON EVERY SINGLE IMAGE! So then I put both my D70 and D7000 on the tripod, shot some more stills at ISO 100. Still not happy. Lots of noise on the D7000 in comarison to my D70 with the same lens and as close to the same settings as possible. Even images taken with my Nikon ED 2.8 lenses look terrible on the D7000. And moving to 2.8 glass can make complete photo morons look like Ansel Adams.

I've tried turning noise reduction on, off, HIGH, NORMAL, LOW. Nothing seems to help get rid of the noise on the D7000 or make it look more natural (film grain). VR ON, VR OFF. All is disappointing.

Shooting video is also extremely frustrating too, results wise. If you plan to shoot any video in low-light, you can expect blotchy blue spots all over the darkest parts of the image and lots of grain noise too. There are plenty of videos online that show some simply extrordinary video from the D70, but even doing point-and-shoot kind of videos with the D7000 fails to live up to the video on my iPhone 4.

And sure, to DO realize that all of these results can be because of something I am doing wrong, but given my experience with Nikon DSLR's and that I've gone over the entire manual and have failed to find the "Suck Mode OFF" option, I honestly don't think that I am the sole problem. It's just frustrating to spend so much on a semi-pro DLSR that fails to exceed my expectations when compared to another Nikon DSLR that is over 5 years old. I was hoping there would be something simple I am overlooking or something I'm doing completely wrong, but I just can't figure out what it could possibly be. I'm seriously hoping that something isn't defective on the camera, but I'm also hoping that maybe there is something I am just doing wrong.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. I look forward to constructive replies. If you are just going to reply by trolling or in other non-productive ways, please don't bother replying at all.


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