Why DNG vs NEF

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Why DNG vs NEF

Every few weeks you always see a thread about "WHY DNG" ?

First it's Adobe

My most used programs are Lightroom v3.3 and Photoshop CS5 for images ... both Adobe. duh ... for you, things might be different.

I have been using DNG from the first Lightroom Beta ... that is how much I trust Adobe to come thru on this format.

and imho, Adobe has come thru with support and development of DNG.

Recently, I have not been keeping up with Adobe development on DNG.

But, here is what I "just" discovered today. * It's great to take a break from shooting and discover $hit like this!

  • DNG now carries within it pretty much all the Edit information you need in the one DNG file. imho, when you are working across a network , with multiple computers , Hard Disks , file formats ... the last thing you want is more than one file for a single RAW file. DNG consolidates everything into one file for me.

And you can inbed the original RAW into the DNG if you want. I do not. I do not even keep the old NEF.

Never have, Never will.... and in all the years since the Lightroom Beta I have never had a single problem with a DNG.

My big gripe "Before" v3.3 of Lightroom ... was it did not have the "Crop" information from Lightroom in the DNG. and working with Lightroom across a Network was not always , what you would expect. (LR was a little weak on Networking and file management)

  • But, today I was on my laptop ... I went across my WiFi Office network , in Lightroom v3.3 ... imported my DNG files that was partially worked on ...

and AFTER the import ... Lightroom brought up ALL my previous edits, Star ratings ... and CROPs (something it did not do before) ...

Not sure what version of Lightroom or DNG this changed (Crop info) , but this was a happy discovery today.

At this point , I am not sure if it is better Networking support in Lightroom v3.3 that is doing it ... or the DNG information that is being stored.

My guess is that it's in the DNG ... because that is all I did. Import the DNG files.

Another cool discovery is ... I can keep my edits local ... OR save my edits to the original DNG file "across the network".

and on the "other side" I can Keep my Local Edits , OR "READ" the original file (if I have made changes to it).

Sounds complicated , it's not ... and if you work with files across a Network and do Edits on more than one computer ... OR have an assistant working on "your" files on a network ... you will know what I am talking about.

So, I was happy with DNG before ... now I am even more confident in my decision to convert my RAW Nikon files to DNG and delete the original NEF.

fyi: I have also Renamed, moved , and Deleted accross the Network in LR v3.3.
So, far ... so good.

Now, if we can just get BACK the AF Distance information ... and get the AF point selection. On Nikon D700/D3.

Hope this helps someone,

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Please feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and edit any of my photos & re-post, to help show me 'the way'. * I am trying to Elevate the Level of my 'Snap Shots'

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