Neat sharpening observation, E-5 vs D700

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Re: John,

your fight with your traditional foes notwithstanding, this part puzzled me too, in two respects.

John King wrote:

  • 'Expose to the right' doesn't work for me with any of my three bodies (E-1/510/30). I get blown highlights and noisy shadows, even with my E-30 and E-1.

First, I don't understand how ETTR can lead to blown highlights IF done as its very definition implies, that is: expose so that your histogram moves as close to the right edge as possible WITHOUT clipping (hitting right edge and climbing up). Blown highlights happen when excessive exposure compensation is dialed in with no regard to actual scene DR, but what photographer knowing how to read a histogram would do that. Thus, I am not sure how ETTR may "not work."

Second, I too don't understand how you can get both blown highlights and noisy shadows when expose to the right. Seems to be contradictory almost by definition.

If you could stop fighting for a min and get back to simple discussion... we get too much of former and too little of latter.

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