A New TV?

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Re: A New TV?

Ray Maines wrote:

Forty six inches seems to be about the right size for my living room, and I don't foresee myself getting all crazy with internet access, 3D, or any other esoteric features.
Tacoma, Washington, USA

Ray, I predict you WILL want net access before long. The amount of content that can be streamed to your big screen is already mind-boggling, and expanding rapidly. Of course, you can add this function later with a set-top box or blue-ray player, but if I were buying a new set today, it's no longer something I'd regard as superfluous.

I was essentially ignorant of this technology until one of our kids gave my wife a Roku box just recently. Now, about a third of what we watch is coming off the internet, and it's increasing to the point where we're considering canceling our satellite TV (there is no cable in our locale). This despite the fact that our net access is barely broadband. It's not just a few movies any more. This fall, for instance, the small college where I went to school had every home game available on the net.

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