M9 v Panasonic GF1

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M9 v Panasonic GF1

Now before everyone starts jumping up and down shouting 'unfair' let me explain the background to this post.

Basically I have been a committed Leica digital user since the M8 came out. Before that it was the film M7. Along the way I have always enjoyed having a quality compact at my side. In the days of film it was my Contax T3 which I still have and is fantastic. More recently it's a Dlux 4; a great camera but with no real DOF so frustrating for me in terms of portraiture.

So a couple of weeks ago, after talking to a few people on the forums (Jim & Jeremy), I decided to buy a GF1 which I am really happy with. I think it's a fabulous camera. For me the 20mm lens sits right between the 35 and 50mm lenses that I love using with the M9 (40mm with the crop-factor).

Anyway, out of interest and at Jeremy's request, I decided to do some test shots with the two cameras to see how the £500 GF1 compared with the £8,200 Leica combination (M9 plus 35mm Summilux ASPH). This is only for fun and by no means scientific so no jumping up and down please

The criteria were thus:

ISO 160
AE exposure
Auto WB
Jpeg fine
Saturation standard
No PP whatsoever
Tripod mounted about 1m away from the subject

Ignore the exif data regarding apertures. The title information is correct in that respect.

I found the results very interesting and I thing the GF1 holds up very well. I would be interested to hear other people’s opinions, and yes, before anyone asks, I do prefer the Leica images but I think the GF1 makes a great back-up camera especially as I can use it with Leica glass



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