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Re: Well let's not forget about plasma - they might be the best

Horses for courses. Tompower liked the compromise. So did I when I selected Plasma for the bedroom. They are, dollar for dollar, more TV. I spent $638 on Sammy and that was local. Tax brought it up more, but the local dealer added some value.. A 50" LCD Samsung would be what? A grand or so, right?

And at night, when I tend to use the thing, the plasma is great to look at.

However, we agree glare, at least in the low-end plasmas, is indeed a problem. In a critical location or one used in a sunlit room one must be mighty careful. I've got 3 HDTV's now. When either of the older two fails the main den's TV will be replaced by a 55-60" something. If it was today it would in fact be an LED LCD w/1080p. But that the main TV. And honestly I would only spend $1k to maybe 1.3, so who knows how much TV I'd get. But then it's a TV, not a car.. Actually, right this minute I'd probably buy the walmart 55" LCD I linked ealier.

Only the OP knows what combination of $$ and performance he needs. But I suppose we've at least given him some things to think about.

Props to all.

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