A New TV?

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Re: A New TV?

I’m sorry, but what’s illegal? Getting an official HD box from the cable/satellite provider to watch the HD program they provide us with?

I have 5 boxes, for every TV in the house. I bought them so that I can legally watch the program. As I mention, this is needed in Canada to watch Bell (satellite) of Rogers (cable) and few others. It might be different in States.

Yes, the stations are sending out HD signal, but for those I really want to watch I need a satellite. I have no interest in the local stations.

LED is going to replace LCD:

... that' not entirely truen. LED is simply an alternate backlight method.

I’m very familiar with LED and LCD. It is part of my job to know all about that :).

In my post you’re quoting I said “LCD is obsolete technology (the source of the light behind the screen) , meaning that the light source of the current LCDs is going to be obsolete soon. I didn't want to get into the details behind the LEDs , because this is not the TV forum. Yes, they are both based on LCD technology, but with the different light sources behind.

Just to say now, LED is better light source than CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) used in what is called LCDs.

Those interested in the subject can google LED. Some of those who make living selling TVs don't know the difference, lol.

Besides, all modern laptops are now made with LED screens (LCDs with LED backlight :)).

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