Eye-Fi card in a 1D MK IV

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Re: Use it on 1ds3

24Peter wrote:

I installed my 8GB X2 Pro Eye-Fi yesterday. Seems to be working OK. I'm on a 802.11g network and it takes 6-7 seconds to transfer large .jpegs from my 60D. Right now that's acceptable, though I may consider a "N" router in the future.

Having an N router should help speed things up a bit.

Overall I think it's a good product (I'm sure a lot went into creating, marketing and distributing this.) The only gotcha for me is I have a desktop & laptop on the same network. I basically wanted the files to automatically transfer to whichever computer I am running at a given time (I don't usually have both going). No go. You have to manually select which computer files are transferred to by inserting the Eye-Fi card in the computer and then going into the settings. I'd like to see this remedied in the future to either automatically detect which computer is running, or at least a way to set a priority as to which computer gets the files.

It's done for security reasons. You can get around it by using 3rd party file and/or folder sync tools. Some are free, and some cost a tiny bit.

You don't need to insert the card, to switch computers. Just run the Eye-Fi Center on the new computer, and set that computer as the local destination. Your card can stay in your 60D.

I'm also interested in setting up an ad hoc network between the card and my laptop for when I'm off site. But 1) there is no easy/obvious way to do this from the

Please browse our forums and support sites for help on ad-hoc. Depending on what OS you're on, it could be super easy, or super hard. On OS X -- it's as easy as 1 click. On Win XP for example, it's nearly impossible. On Win7 it's great. There is tons of info on our site. My favorite method of adding ad-hoc is adding a known SSID to my card, like "Ziv1", as an "out-of-range" network. That way, I know that I have a network that's named "Ziv1" that my card knows about. If I start ad-hoc on my MacBook Pro, and name my network Ziv1, that's all it takes

Eye-Fi Center software, and 2) I read elsewhere there may be a conflict because neither the card nor the camera let you prioritize which networks are connected to, but rather default to the first network connection you establish. Might not be a big deal for me, since when I'm off-site my regular network won't appear and hopefully the ad hoc network settings will kick in. We'll have to see.

The card uses heuristics and will do the "right thing". For example - if you have an ad-hoc network stored on the card, and you're around both an ad-hoc and infrastructure network, the card will opt to get onto the ad-hoc network. If you're around an open network, AND a secured known SSID -- the card will opt to connect to the secured network. Etc... I think that you'll find that in most/all cases -- it does the right thing.

I have no interest in automatically uploading photos to photo sharing/social networking sites, nor am I interested in on-line storage. So for me, the Eye-Fi is kind of a one-trick pony. But preliminary tests for this purpose seem OK.

Great. Feel free to browse our forums for more tips/tricks.

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