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Re: Well let's not forget about plasma - they might be the best

Plasma's might be better – but are they?

Well, now you’re talking about two completely different technologies.

Indeed, before LED, plasma had an advantage. Before LED, I didn’t care for either one.

That was before LED. Not anymore. This is 2010/11.

LED closed the gap and in some areas is not just even but even better. Especially in brightness (thanks to LED).

Plasma’s are still slightly better in blacks and contras (but only just) with slightly better viewing angles.

LEDs are better for watching the program during the daylight. No glare like plasma’s.

Plasma’s are more susceptible to burn-in of static images.

I can hang Samsung’s LED on the wall like a picture. Just 20mm thick :).

LED has higher res then plasma.

As for the refresh rates, anything above 120/240MHz on LEDs is just a theory.

Power consumption – LED is way. way more efficient. I read an article where Samsung’s 50” LED was tested. They calculated that using the TV for 8 hours/day/365 would cost US $18/year. Talking green.

It is now a matter of a personal choice. Chose one you like. To me – the choice is clear.

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