A New TV?

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Re: A New TV?

Required to have a special tuner:

No, believe that's illegal, and I know it's not true. Things like On-demand, premium channels, etc may require this. but major channels, OTA sources, and etc are often (at least in the US) provided "clear". With a digital TV (as this would be) and being HD capable (as it would be again) the OP could screw into local cable and with the correct programming choice receive at least some HD programming wo/a special box. Been there, done that.

LED is going to replace LCD:

Geez, I sound like I'm argueing. I'm sorry, don't but to be that kind of guy. Still that' not entirely truen. LED is simply an alternate backlight method. In both "std" LCD and "LED" TV the display driver remains LCD. LED is favored only because it's a more even light medium and allows an evem more shallow TV design (when used as a edge source). Its nice, but it's not a critical factor, and in any event LCD is the dispaly engine in use one way in both.


The TV in question:

Nice enough choice, maybe even more TV then you really need. Depends of your room and budget of course, but I just put a 50" plasma in a bedroom. At least in my mind size is the first big gun. Buy absolutely as much as you can fit. TV fanatics will consider this heresay,but I'd drop specs for a larger TV.

On the whole 1080P thing, well... Ho hum. Sure, 1080 does like better then 720, and sooner or later we'll actually even HAVE some 1080 material to watch. But today its quite rare and what there is typically 1080i. In any event, on a 46" display it's hardly critical one way or the other. That 50" I bought? 720P. Why? It was a bedroom and I had a budget to meet. Within that budget the 50" 720P delivers more viewing enjoyment then a 42" 1080p. So...

LG? Sure. They weren't the best product for a time but they've been improving year after year. All other features matching I'd take a panasonic or a samsung first, but I'd not hesitate on a LG. In fact, those three were my final 3 on my 50". I went Sammy, but LG would have been fine.

I do think the 4 HDMI is a good choice. Did you notice the HDMI wireless? Have you thought that through yet? Where the electronics go and how you cable it up can have significant impacts to where you mount. Wall mounting, as an example, Kinds is a hassle if you want a DVD, DVR, or game machine nearby. But... with HDMI wireless you can located all that someplace else.

Really, that's probable the most underated of the technology enablers our there right now, and LG seems to be doing a decent job with it. So...

Summary? Nice TV, nothing wrong with it. Do consider the biggest you can fit and afford. The darn things are like boats: You always the next size up. Personally, if cost was a factor I'd drop LED for more size. Can you spend a grand?

Thy don't have as good a name, but many an average Joe is buying them and finding happiness..

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