2011 Predictions

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A small modification....

romphotog wrote:

I predict in 2011 the collapse of photography as a money making trade. 50% of wedding and fashion photogs will shut down. Less models will be walking around 34st with their portfolios. Face it, no one is getting married anymore. Who needs fancy weddings?! Just pay uncle Moe $200 to snap some shots with his P&S and view the pics on the puter.

25% cancel weddings; 50% dont like 50% of photos taken; 90% do not bother getting re-prints of wedding shots. 52% get divorced and throw wedding album into trash.

BTW, only Canon and Nikon will remain in the SLR business.
Casio, GE, Pentax, Vivitar, Ricoh, Samsung will get out of the camera biz.

If your predictions are accurate, then this makes me give you the following prediction:

Wedding Photographers will become "Divorce" Photographers, as couples hope that their nasty break-ups and Court Scenes lead to their both getting their fifteen minutes of fame. And who else will do a better job than an ex wedding photographer?


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