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Provocative....We humans think that we alone among the animals have a sense of self.
Do we really know this?

It is a learned response I think. I ran a Childrens hospital for a couple of years and many of the kids were terminal cases. It never seemed to bother them and they would talk freely about it. Probably because they had not yet made aware that death is final. It was a very difficult thing for the parents, statistics at that time said 50% of the parents would end up divorced because they would start blaming each other for the fact the child was dying. A terrible thing to watch.

But the kids never showed fear, never seem to give death a care. The kids would show up in my office and chat with me about what was wrong with them and what the doctors were saying. I listened with great patience, what else can one do. I felt very sorry for the kids although there was not a thing I could do.

Fearing death is a more adult concept I think. Until you reach an advanced age and then you accept the fact that you are going to shuffle off this mortal coil. You do not necessarily look forward to the event but realize it is inevitable.

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