Inspire us with your fav quote

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Re: Inspire us with your fav quote

"Let 'em eat cake!" - Marie Antoinette, mistress and puppeteer of Louis XVI.

"Strike, man!" - Sir Walter Raleigh to his executioner. The executioner felt Raleigh was too great of a man to kill. Nonetheless, Raleigh knew that if the executioner failed to axe his head off, both of them (Raleigh and the executioner) would be killed by yet another executioner. Life was too valuable to waste, so Raleigh egged his executioner on ;). Raleigh spent his time before the execution sitting in a jail writing a history of the world :O.

"I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men and German to my horse" - Charles V. Had to look up this one to get it right :p.

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