NEX 5 camera profile in Lightroom or ACR?

Started Dec 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
KEITH-C Forum Pro • Posts: 14,131
Re: NEX 5 camera profile in Lightroom or ACR?

The latest versions of ACR & LR 3.3 should not need extra camera profiles for the NEX to be installed as they are setup to handle NEX files. However don't expect LR etc to open up RAW files that exactly mimic those processed by the camera - such files usually need some extra tweaking to optimise output & that after all is why people use RAW.

Some people like to use presets to get a wide range of different starting images & to give their pics a distinctive style but it is debatable if such images are accurate with regard to real colour etc. There is no harm in downloading such presets & trying them however.

Jpeg processing although much improved these days cannot ideally handle pics taken in a variety of lighting situations & that is why experienced users prefer to use RAW.

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