GH2 Hesitation

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GH2 Hesitation


I've never been one to get into pixel peeping or really caring so much about megapixels and sensor size etc. And, that's not because I don't know what I'm doing. I've shot for over 30 years. I've shot just about every commercial and popular format there has been. I also believe that the impression an image gives the view is absolutely paramount... NOT the technical precision. I've seen my compact LX1 & LX3 images printed and they hold up rather nicely to some of my old 35mm stuff. Certain types of images stand up to my Nikon D300 images as well.

I've recently been convinced to get rid of my compacts and dSLR gear in trade for consolidating down to just some lighter GH2 gear.

The problem is... I'm looking at some of my D300 images and a thread on the Nikon forum with user's best images... and I simply can't deny that there's a quality to the larger sensor images that I simply haven't seen in the GH2 stills.

The video looks amazing and as a frequent traveler I LOVE the idea of a smaller lighter camera that can "do it all".

However, what I'd lose is that certain texture and richness of a larger sensor. I'd lose the built-in intervalometer for time-lapse and I'd lose the ability to remotely control my Nikon SB800 flashes.

With the GH2 and giving up my LX3, I'd give up the simplicity of just grabbing my point and shoot compact without any other gadgets and taking to the street with a simple tool that handles most situations fairly well. With the GH2 I'm still fiddling with adaptors and interchangeable lenses and not having something that's more or less pocketable. With the LX3 no one asks who I'm with or whether or not I have a permit to shoot. With the GH2, won't that just look like a slightly smaller dSLR and thus draw attention to itself?

Maybe I should just upgrade to the LX5 for travel?

I really don't know. I'm VERY impressed with the video I've seen from the GH2 and the stills look capable enough. I just haven't seen anything that proves the GH2 can hold it's own in the still department against larger sensor dSLRs. That's not saying it can't.. I'm just hesitant to jump ship and go all MFTs. Has anyone out there who has abandoned compacts and dSLRs for a GH2 or other MFTs systems regretted it?

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