Eye-Fi card in a 1D MK IV

Started Dec 22, 2010 | Discussions thread
marcus2137 Regular Member • Posts: 113
Use it on 1ds3

I have a 4gb card on my 1ds3 that works great. I have a large CF card in for raw pictures, but the eyefi is great for jpegs (mine is the non-pro, so it doesn't transfer raw). I use the eyefi unless I have to shoot raw or need tons of card space, and it has been great.

The interesting thing is that the wireless network I was on when I first got the card was ok, but seemed a little slow. It took about 10second to transfer a Large jpeg. But I'm using a different network now and it's MUCH faster, so there must be some settings that really matter. Actually, my new network is a 802.11N network and I don't think the last one was, so that might be the difference I'm seeing. Now, on my network, it takes about 2-3 seconds to transfer a full-res Large 1ds3 jpeg, and any lower resolution jpeg (M1, M2, S) is almost instantaneous. A M2 jpeg seems to upload in less than a second, which is about as fast as I can take it unless using burst.

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