Nikon FF owners may want Canon new FF MarkIII

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Re: Nikon FF owners may want Canon new FF MarkIII

My wife and I have an array of camera. She uses a D700 and I have 7D. She has never even tres my camera. I have used hers. Shooting in our studio we us neither of these cameras. You talk about a 24 MPxl camera. I find shooting for fun with the 7D a bit of a pain with the size of the files. Downloading and manipulating a hundred files after just being out and about on a walk say is a hassle. I don't, and won't ever need ten more metalmarks for that. I can easily print an A2 image and could even with my 20D. Why do bother dream of more pixels. I just don't get you need. We run a thriving business in the studio shooting with a D2x, which I guess you would see as a steam driven camera. But we run a thriving business and make enough money for three people out of that camera and print beautiful 20X30 images when needed.

But you go ahead and waste that money and impress your lesser friends, I won't stop you!

tomboy wrote:

We just have to wait for a few more month to make are final choice

happy holiday

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