IBM Microdrive vs Ridata CF

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Re: IBM Microdrive vs Ridata CF

I bought a 340MB Microdrive two or two and a half years ago to go with my Canon S20 - it was a no-brainer then because of cost/MB compared to solid state cards. I haven't had any problems with it after about 6500 pictures.

I am getting an additional card for my new S40 for trips, and have been leaning toward a solid-state card, because:

  • no cost advantage to Microdrive at 340MB now (compared to 256MB solid state, in terms of cost/MB).

  • they use less power

  • moving parts will break down eventually. Although this is probably an irrational fear, the disk/heard doesn't move that often, and smaller parts are stronger (relatively), and since solid state also "wears out" after 100,000 cyles, there's probably not that much difference in reliability.

Of course, then I see IBM has a promotion on the 340MB drive, and you can get one with an MP3 player for $144, according to their site ( ) or actually only $125 at the real site ( ), so I'm wavering back toward the Microdrive.

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