My D7000 - Pretty bad above 1600 ISO

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Re: Don't blame the camera

Keith Reeder wrote:

Cookster670 wrote:

Another useless and unhelpful response to someone asking for assistance.

So what would you do? Give him a hug and tell him "yes, that nasty camera is being mean to you - and ooh! Nikon lied... "?

Are you his mother?

He needs to know the truth, and that's going to be a damn' sight more helpful than your tacit positive reinforcement that the IQ the OP is getting is somehow everybody else's fault but his.

He's an adult - allow him to be treated as one.

If i REALLY have to explain it to you, and you don't get it already, then is there a point in me telling you ?

What the heck..i'll try educate you anyway.

so..the OP asked why is shots are noisy.

He's been told that they were underexposed and he also found he bumped up saturation too much...which pretty much explains it. At no point did he blame the camera or Nikon.

A bunch of other helpful responses gave more suggestions and tips that we can benefit from. (I say WE that are less intelligent that you as we clearly don't know as much as YOU)

That is what this forum should be about.

Tell me what was helpful about your post other than stroking your own ego ?

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