Union Square or Why I love New York

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Union Square or Why I love New York

I was born and raised in New York City and for all it's supposed warts warts I still love it even if I currently live in the Burbs of Connecticut.

I've lived all over the US and when people ask what they should see on a visit. My first question is do you have a day to kill? if so the answer is this:

Grab a subway and go to South Ferry or Bowling Green depending on the line. Don't do the Ferry unless you really have time to kill not much on the Staten Island side except to turn around and come back. After a quick look around Battery Park go to the North east corner and find the beginning of Broadway head north and start walking. You will pass the old area of NY and areas of SOHO, China Town and residential neighborhoods of the city all with slightly different flavors. As the city grew the layout became much more though out and you have numbered streets going generally east west and Avenues going North South following the direction of the island the exception is Broadway which goes more or less true North South.

This creates a layout that Broadway intersects an Avenue every 10 blocks or so when it does you have areas called Squares. Starting with Union Square at the intersection of Broadway and 4th after that you get Madison Square, Herald Square, Times Square then Columbus Circle, basically the start of central park.

One of my favorites has always been Union Square normally the side walks are jammed with the Green Market around the North side and street artist and vendors around the south today was an exception no Market on New Years day and the Holiday Fair that they put up on the South Side is down but the vendors are also not back.

Anyway we decided to take a trip down today and grab lunch at one of our faviote restaurants and I grabbed a few shots with my new LX5.

This is a long walk so have comfortable shoes but it is all level. It is kind of a pilgrimage for me when I was away to long and needed to touch the smells and sites of the city.

The Square without the vendors

The 2 "G's". I've seen them many times but it struck me today.
George Washington all tall and stern on his tall pedestal

Gandhi almost at street level less than 100 feet away with a smile walking through grass and flowering trees, in spring and summer of course. One of last night party goers invited him with some beads.

A few of whimsy I hope the tiaras found a better home then this hat.

Finally This is a bad shot of Grand Central TERMINAL

This is an entrance to Grand Central STATION

Have a Happy New Year and come visit. We will not bite your head off promise!.
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